Tuesday 15 September 2009

Publishing Plans

We have currently got Charlie McQuaker's Die Hard Mod and Alan kelly's Bloody Rag/Let me Die A Woman going through the treacherous process of production. We have also got Dominic Milne's My Bloody Alibi and Chris O'Grady's Man Down currently being read and prepped. Danny Hogan's Windowlicker Maker is rumoured to be finished and he is said to be in talks with ex-enforcer Danny Woollard regarding a collaboration.

Thursday 3 September 2009

Why Pulp Press only puts out 23,000 word “novellas”

The reason for this is because we would like to encourage reading in people who would normally read, or do not have the attention span for full-sized novels. We believe that the short attention span, as mentioned above, is a symptom of the continuous bombardment of rubbish TV and dubious entertainment via the internet.
By providing action packed, exciting, compact stories we have stronger chance of weaning people away from the TV, internet etc and back to good old fashioned reading.