Friday 28 August 2009

Sally F**king Reynolds joins Pulp Press

Pulp Press is pleased to announce that esteemed knicker model, and muse to the equally esteemed photographer Dark Daze, is joining us and will be taking over editing duties, thank God.

Sally also runs a new and flashy fashion magazine, Gang Up, which is well worth checking out. Trust me I own a copy and enjoyed it immensely. If you appreciate any kind of art at all you will be blown away by the photography in it. Welcome aboard Sally.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Allan Guthries Noire Originals

Check out the interview off between legends of noire Tony Black and Nick Stone on Allan Guthrie's Noire Originals

The Fat-Quarter Magazine

Check out the article I wrote on lesbian pulp fiction for The Fat-Quarter Magazine.

The Fat-Quarter is a new feminist mag, set out to contrast all the dopey bird's rags and the celebrity toilet paper that fill the racks these days. You know the gig, the kind that feature those dead eyed cover girls with their eating disorders and bad attitudes.

We say: yeah, Fat-Quarter, bring it to'em... bring it to'em but good.

Wednesday 19 August 2009

Bella de Jac at Club Smooch Brighton 21/08/09

Pulp Press rep Bella de Jac, and international woman of mystery, will be doing her stuff at the Club Smooch Burlesque show at the Komedia in Brighton this friday. There will also be comedy, booze and that Atters fella from Chap Magazine. What more could you ask for? If you're one of the few unfortunates who have never seen Bella dance, here's your chance.

Bella is an expert at carefully choriographed old school burlesque, that entertains, titillates and leaves the beholder in awe. At only £10-a-go, you'd be a fool not to attend.

For more info check out the facebook group, here.